Do we need to tell you how environmentally friendly our BAC products are? Just take a look at our website and find out about the various energy efficient, water saving and sound control solutions that BAC offers.

But did you know that BAC not only produces environmentally friendly products, but we also make various efforts to make sure that every step of our production process is as green as possible.

  • 3050 solar panels on the roof of our production plant provide us with 25 BAC solar panels% of our total daily energy use.

  • BAC's new waste policy, introduced earlier this year, resulted in a 47% retention increase of raw materials and a 350 ton CO2 reduction.
    We now separate over 20 different types of waste material, so a relatively small effort gives impressive results.

  • In our coil fabrication process we have implemented the Compressed Air Leak Detection-progamme. Over an average month this CALD-programme generates a 10 ton CO2 reduction. Every bit helps!

  • Later this year we will be replacing the old lighting fixtures in our production facility. This will create an even safer work environment for our people, and is
    expected to reduce our electricity use by 75%.

Keep an eye on our News page for more updates on BAC’s green initiatives!