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The Baltimore Aircoil sister and service company is Balticare. Balticare offers a complete range of products and services for optimal efficiency and safe operation of your BAC cooling towers and evaporative condensers.

Your one-stop partner for cooling towers, condensers and all cooling system aftermarket services.


  • Optimally simplified operation, administration and communication
  • Improved assurance of asset protection, safety and compliance
    with best practice
  • Optimized water treatment and filtration equipment
  • Performance-oriented service for all mechanical and operational
  • Reduced overall operational costs

Preventive maintenance
Various Balticare maintenance programs include a range of services to keep your cooling towers and condensers running all year round. Boost savings and service life and maximize cooling system reliability! [Read more]

Refurbishment and upgrading
Refurbishment and upgrades boost equipment efficiency, satisfy new regulations and standards and enhance maintainability, allowing optimal performance and safer operation. [Read more]

Water treatment and filtration equipment
Wide-ranging automatic water treatment and filtration packages to limit corrosion, scaling, fouling and microbiological growth. BAC water treatment assemblies maintain recirculating water quality, limit consumption and are compatible with any chemical treatment program. [Read more]

Cleaning and disinfection
A full cleaning and disinfection service in line with local legislation and codes of practice. [Read more]

Service technicians
BAC Balticare boasts a team of fully trained and skilled technicians, all of whom work on BAC models while ensuring minimum downtime and cooling system disruption.
[Read more]

Swift delivery and spare parts replacement
Guaranteed BAC replacement parts for optimal fit, perfect performance and year-round reliable operation. [Read more]

Want to find out more about Balticare ? Contact your local BAC Balticare representative and find out more about how Balticare can help you.