Bearings operating inside cooling towers are exposed to tough conditions, operating within a hot and moist environment. BAC bearings offer you the right execution for your operation so you benefit from maximum lifetime.

Other suppliers may claim to provide a similar product, but their products could cause:

  • additional downtime and a subsequent loss of production
  • collateral damage of your fan shaft, propeller and other drive components
  • higher cost because of frequent replacement of service works on your cooling tower

Taking the above issues into consideration, selecting a BAC bearing will offer you big yearly savings! Additionally only a BAC bearing has:

  • a longer service life, L10 life up to 80,000 hours, compared to other bearings on the market
  • reliable operation, avoiding loss of production through downtime
  • easy installation, as required mounting hardware is delivered with the bearing


Order your bearings before 30/05/14 and enjoy a 15% discount.


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Send an email or call St├ęphane Vermylen on +32 15 25 77 20.

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