BAC Balticare is the recognized world leader in evaporative cooling systems and constantly improves its products and services. Also, we take great care of our sales network to ensure a continuous customer satisfaction.

Our representatives work each day hand in hand with the customers to ensure that every project is a success. That’s why our sales representatives need to be highly qualified. Also the markets that we serve  - HVAC, Refrigeration and Industry -  have specific characteristics and consequently other needs.

We are pleased to announce Sweer Co as the BAC representative for Iraq. With its office in a prime location in Baghdad, branches in the northern Erbil and the southern Basrah and distributors in all Iraqi provinces, Sweer co is well represented in the whole Iraqi market.

Sweer Co, with Managing Director Mr. Ali K. Fazaa, has several years of experience in the air conditioning and refrigeration industry and has a well reputed name in the industry in Iraq. Reporting to Mr. Ali K. Fazaa, Sales Engineer Mr. Yasir Shandal will also focus on the applications of BAC products and services.

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