Key benefits

  • Cheaper to ship and install
  • Water saving
  • Top hygiene control

Cheaper to ship and install

  • SpartiumCoolers fit on standard trucks.
  • Pre-coolers are factory-installed and small cranes are all you need to mount coolers on-site.

Water saving

  • SpartiumCoolers achieve annual water savings exceeding 80% water compared to normal cooling towers by limited adiabatic operation.

Top hygiene control

  • Featuring a once-through system:recirculation and stagnation of water eliminated.
  • No stagnant water: pre-cooler water conveyed from pads to sewer via a gutter.
  • No aerosol formation: SpartiumCoolers minimize the Legionella risk.
  • SpartiumCoolers cool incoming air without transferring water to the dry coil.

Boosting thermal performance

  • Pads in front of the finned coil pre-cool air to virtual wet bulb temperature.
  • Up to 40% improved capacity compared to dry cooling.
  • SpartiumCoolers consume less energy
  • SpartiumCoolers achieve low process temperatures.
  • Try the cooler with EC motor and improved pre-cooler performance resulting in lower sound levels and 25% lower electrical consumption.

Interested in the SpartiumCooler for cooling your process? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.