Baltiguard drive system

Baltiguard drive system

The installation of a Baltiguard® Drive System

  • helps save energy when operating at low speed during low-load operation and/or at low wet-bulb temperatures.
  • produces less noise when the low kilowatt motor is used.
  • guarantees year-round reliable operation with the low kilowatt motor that also operates as standby for any failure.

The Baltiguard® Drive System is a pair of standard single-speed fan motors and drive assemblies.

  • One motor drive assembly is configured for full speed and load.
  • The other offers approximately 2/3 of the speed but just 1/3 of power consumption.

Even the low kilowatt motor on a design wet-bulb day offers nearly 70% capacity. Uses the same controls and wiring as those in a dual-speed, two-winding motor.

Want the benefit from a Baltiguard® drive system?
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