Key benefits

  • Unrivalled water savings
  • Compact
  • Superb hygiene control

Unrivalled water-saving

  • Patented intelligent flow control system!
    With a 3-way valve for precise setting of outlet fluid temperature and unrivalled annual water-saving.
  • Load profile-adaptable to dry, adiabatic or combined wet-dry operation.


  • Side by side installation for double cell towers. Water basin access is at tower connection end.
  • Very low height. Fits perfectly on roof tops or tight enclosures.
  • Low operating weight. Water basin contains only 1/4 of the water of conventional evaporative fluid coolers.

Superb hygiene control

  • Dry-running for 10 months per year possible depending on application and weather conditions.
  • Self-cleaning auto-drain sump to prevent stagnant water.
  • Basin for water outside air stream and accessible during operation

For reduced noise

  • Low noise centrifugal fans for a quieter environment.
  • Single-side air inlet, and a quieter tower rear for more noise-sensitive areas.

Easy to install

  • Single-side air inlet lets you install next to solid walls.
  • Units housable indoors thanks to centrifugal fans allowing intake or discharge ductwork.

Guaranteed year-round reliable operation

  • During dry winter operation, no extra sump drainage needed. With HFL water basin outside airstream, and heaters to prevent basin water freezing, even with fans at top speed.
  • Non-plume wet operation thanks to optional dry finned coil: it reduces humidity of discharge air from the prime surface coil.
  • Various corrosion-resistant materials, including the unique Baltibond® hybrid coating for guaranteed long service life.

Interested in the HFL hybrid closed circuit cooling tower for cooling your process fluid? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.