TSU-M construction1. Material options and construction

  • Tank is constructed of heavy-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel for unit steel panels and structural elements, all with welded seams. Tank includes high quality insulation and 2 single piece low temperature liners.
  • Insulated watertight tank covers of heavy-gauge hot-dip galvanized steel.
  • External sight tube for water level indication.

2. Coil

  • The coil is constructed of continuous length of prime surface steel, hot-dip galvanized after fabrication, encased in a steel framework. Designed for maximum 10 bar operating pressure according to PED.
  • Coils are delivered with BAC’s Internal Coil Corrosion Protection, to ensure an optimal internal corrosion protection and guaranteed quality.

Like to know more about the TSU-M construction details? Contact your local BAC representative.