BCP 3 D control packageBCP 3 D

Control package for accurate liquid chemical based water treatment for evaporative cooling systems.
It includes:

  • water meter controlled proporsional dosing of a scale and corrosion inhibitor
  • automatic conductivity controller of dissolved solids through blow-down
  • the 2 biocides are dosed, the primary based on a Redox measurement and the secondary on a periodic basis

    BCP 3 D


  • Simplicity: one controller, pre-mounted
  • Easy to maintain: sampling valves for easy inspection, integrated chemical injection point
  • Performance: bleed lock-out function for biocide action
  • Reliability: motorised bleed valve
  • Savings: flow controller prevent chemical overfeeds
  • Flexibility: suitable for all cooling systems
  • Compatibility: for a variety of chemical products
  • Online measurement and traceability of oxidising biocide level

Together with the implementation of a monitoring programme the BCP 3 D control package provides effective and safe control of the water quality and bacteriological growth, including Legionella.


Want to install an automatic bleed control on your BAC equipment? Contact your local BAC representative for help.