The age of the electric car is upon us

Electric vehicle batteries are designed to give power over sustained periods of time. They are smaller and lighter than before to reduce the weight of the vehicle and improve its performance. All over the world companies are involved in the production of these batteries. 

BAC has the solution on hand in its product portfolio for the different cooling needs that occur during this production process. 

We offer a full range of cooling equipment

BAC has a full range of reliable, energy efficient and sustainable products, options and accessories available that perfectly meet any battery production cooling demand. From open cooling towers, bringing low process temperatures and low energy consumption on a small footprint - to closed circuit cooling towers, where minimal maintenance and water treatment prevail, and no airborne contaminants can enter and foul the system - and adiabatic & hybrid products, where no or less water is used, giving operational safety and less maintenance. BAC can match the right cooling solution with the cooling need at hand.

Expert support for 24/7 reliable cooling

In every stage of your project, we have experienced people that are driven to help and support you with one common goal in mind: developing and delivering evaporative cooling products and services that fully meet your needs. Our products ensure a year round reliable operation with innovative efforts that drive sustainability in your production processes.

Let's solve together your cooling challenges.

Contact your local BAC representative to discuss our solutions for your specific need.