In extreme subfreezing conditions, the coil of your evaporative fluid cooler can freeze up. When this occurs the coil needs to be replaced.
Don't let this happen ! Make sure you take appropriate actions to prevent coil freezing.

How do you prevent the coil from freezing?

  1. Make sure the glycol concentration in your closed loop system is still adequate for today's extreme outside temperatures.
  2. If your system doesn't contain glycol, check your control sequence and settings to maintain the minimum recommended flow, so the temperature of the circulating fluid will not be below 7°C.
  3. If your unit is equipped with closure dampers, control their operation and make sure they are closed when the unit is idle.
  4. Read more on how to protect evaporative cooling equipment for cold weather operation in Chapter 19 (item 16) of our Application guidelines.

You need assistance in the freeze protection of your coil?
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