Plume formationPlume is the harmless condensation of warm discharge air, drifting from the top of evaporative cooling equipment and containing droplets of pure water.
Read more about plume and the factors influencing it.

Sometimes plume can be a hindrance due to

  • sight restrictions
  • ice formation on the ground
  • misinterpretation (mistaken as smoke from a fire).

Various BAC plume abatement solutions can minimize or eliminate plume.
However, repeating plume analysis is important during the design phase to choose the best and most cost effective solution.

BAC's plume visualization software reveals:

  • the shape of the plume
  • how far and high it will extend
  • whether the plume column will affect with neighbors

At a fraction of the cost of CFD analysis, BAC can determine the height, distance and shape of the plume, which is then used to offer you an unrivaled plume abatement solution.


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