1. Thermal performance declining below design capacity.
You may run short of capacity only at peak periods – but then it’s too late to sort or troubleshoot problems. Reduced efficiency means bigger system energy bills over the whole year.

2. Damage to cooling equipment.
Installing parts that do not fit perfectly can damage the equipment’s construction material or other key components, causing premature failure.

3. Extended downtime for your cooling equipment.
Installing parts that do not fit perfectly means extra adjustments or more parts replacement, labor and downtime required. This problem is even worse if you use non-qualified BAC technicians to replace components.

4. Higher running costs.
Lower thermal performance means higher year-round energy cost. Additional materials and labor required to find and fit parts mean so-called cheap parts.

5. Incorrect part selection.
It takes time and effort to select identical replacement parts that match the conditions of the original. Other suppliers have no file of your equipment, nor any in-house specifications such as fan or pump curves. Their components do not therefore meet the approved technical specifications of originals.

6. Increased accident risk – you are more prone to personal injury or even Legionella outbreaks if some components do not meet safety standards or have not been extensively tested under the normal equipment operating conditions.

7. Premature product decline – inevitable for parts that do not meet BAC’s approved technical specifications, ISO 9001:2015 or other quality standards.


Why not avoid these problems? Simply always choose original BAC spare parts.
Contact your local BAC representative – the only reliable source of BAC spare parts.