REMARK: Do not use for construction. Refer to factory certified dimensions & weights. This page includes data current at time of publication, which should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase. In the interest of product improvement, specifications, weights and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

General notes

1. Pipe sizes are nominal diameters. All connections have BSP male thread except for the 15 mm vent which has a female BSP thread.
2. Dimensional drawings show standard (right hand) arrangements with the standard finned coil arrangement. Left hand arrangement can be furnished by special order.
3. Coil connection locations are approximate. Dimensions should not be used for prefabrication of the connecting piping.
4. For high process flows, the double serpentine finned coil arrangement (HXI D) might be used. For a finned coil bundle with a double serpentine arrangement, the coil inlet connections will be on one side and the outlet on the opposite side. (Refer to serpentine arrangements).
5. All technical information on this page is without manifolds and three-way valve arrangement. (refer to the section "Accessories, flow control purchase).
6. The units will be delivered in 3 different pieces: upper, middle and lower section.

Last update: 01/12/2023

Sound attenuation


1. Unit Width; 2. Unit Height; 3. Insulated plenum; 4. Intake attenuator.

Model Weight Sound Attenuator (kg)
HXI 420-K 100
HXI 421-K 100
HXI 422-K 100
HXI 430-L 130
HXI 431-L 130
HXI 432-L 130
HXI 440-M 175
HXI 441-M 175
HXI 442-M 175
HXI 540-O 250
HXI 541-O 250
HXI 542-O 250
HXI Q540-O 250
HXI Q541-O 250
HXI 560-O 375
HXI 561-O 375
HXI 562-O 375
HXI Q560-O 375
HXI Q561-O 375
HXI 640-O 250
HXI 641-O 250
HXI 642-O 250
HXI Q640-O 250
HXI Q641-O 250
HXI 660-O 375
HXI 661-O 375
HXI 662-O 375
HXI Q660-O 375
HXI Q661-O 375