REMARK: Do not use for construction. Refer to factory certified dimensions & weights. This page includes data current at time of publication, whcih should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase. In the interest of product improvement, specifications, weights and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

General notes

1. All dimensions are in mm. Weights are in kg.
2. Unit should be continuously supported on a flat level surface.
3. H1 = installed height. Coils connections are closed and filled with inert gast for shipping and storage. Add 130 mm for shipping height.
4. Refrigerant charge listed is operating charge for pump recirculated bottom feed. For other feed systems, consult your BAC representative.

Last update: 18/06/2024

TSU-C/D 1050


1. Coil connections; 2. Make up ND50; 3. Overflow ND50; 4. Water out; 5. Water in; 6. Drain ND50; 7. ICE LOGIC®.

Model Approx. Ship. Weight (kg) Approx. Oper. Weight (kg) Air Pump (kW) Water Volume (l) Pull Down Volume (l) Coil Volume (L) R717 charge (kg) Water Conn. In ND (mm) Water Conn. Out ND (mm) H H1 L W
TSU-1050C 17455 88050 2,5 67300 1779 3115 1345 200+2x80 200 2160 2360 12725 2982