Ammonia (R-717) reciprocating compressors give off highly superheated gas, which should be cooled via the desuperheater coil before it enters the condensing coil.

Benefits :

  • Capacity boost
  • More periods of dry operation
  • Reduced plume

The desuperheater, which is mounted on the evaporative condenser, comprises a tubular steel coil with spirally wound fins, which is hot-dip galvanized after fabrication. Usable at working pressures of up to 23 bar - and according to PED – optionally expandable up to 28 bar.

Galvanised steel casing featuring either a Baltiplus or Baltibond® hybrid coating to match the condenser material, plus a plenum and door for improved spray system access.

Desuperheater and condensing coil connections are all at the same end of the condenser.

Want to benefit from a desuperheater? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.