Remark: Do not use for construction. Refer to factory certified dimensions & weights. This page includes data current at time of publication, which should be reconfirmed at the time of purchase. In the interest of product improvement, specifications, weights and dimensions are subject to change without notice.

General notes

1. Make up, overflow, suction, drain connections and access door can be provided on side opposite to that shown; consult your BAC representative.
2. Unit height is indicative, for precise value refer to certified print.
3. Shipping/operating weights indicated are for units without accessories such as sound attenuators, discharge hoods, etc. Consult factory certified prints to obtain weight additions and the heaviest section to be lifted.
4. The drawings for units with only on spray pump show the standard "right hand" arrangement, which has the air inlet side on the right when facing the connection end.
5. Coil, overflow, make up and spray water connections are always located on the same end of the unit. For double pump units an additional set of coil connections and an additional overflow connection will be installed an the other end of the unit.
6. For indoor applications of closed circuit cooling towers, the room may be used as a plenum with ductwork is required, an enclosed fan section must be specified; consult your BAC representative for details.
7. Fan kW is at 0 Pa ESP. To operate against external static pressure up to 125 Pa, increase each fan motor one size.
8. On models VXI 9 to VXI 36 access doors are located at the opposite of the air inlet side, ensure sufficient space for entry when positioning these units.
When flow rate on models VXI 27, VXI 36, VXI 50 exceeds 30l/s the quantity of coil connections will be double.
9. When flow rate on models VXI 70, VXI C72, VXI C108, VXI 95, VXI 145, VXI 180, VXI 144, VXI 215 exceeds 60 l/s the coil connections will be double when flow rate on models VXI 190, VXI 290, VXI 360, VXI 288 and VXI 430 exceeds 120l/s the quantity of coil conncetions will be double.
Models VXI 9 throuh VXI 145 have one coil section and one fan motor, which can be switched on an off.
10. Models VXI-95, 144, 145, 180 and 215 have one coil section and one or two fan motors per coil casing section. Fan cycling results in only on-off operation. On these Units all fans need to operate simultaneously. Models vxi-190, 288, 290,360 and 430 have 2 coils casing section. Fan cycling results in only on-off operation. On these units all fans need to operate simultaneously per coil casing section. Multiple speed motors are available for additional steps of capacity control can be obtained with fan discharge dampers. Consult your local BAC representative.
11. For dry operation, standard motors must be increased one size to avoid motor overloading. Extended surface coils are available to vastly increase dry capacity without motor size increase. Consult your local BAC representative for selection and pricing.


Last update: 25/02/2024

VXI C072 - C108


1. Drain ND xx; 2. Outlet connection NDxx; 3. Overflow NDxx; 4. Make up ND xx; 5. Inlet connection NDxx; 6. Vent NDxx; 7. Access door.


Model Weights (kg) Dimensions (mm) Air Flow (m³/s) Fan Motor (kW) Water Flow (l/s) Pump Motor (kW) Coil Volume (L)
Oper. Weight (kg) Ship. Weight(kg) Heaviest Section (kg) L W H
VXI C072-2 6490 4250 2630 3550 2245 3585 20.8 (1x) 15.0 19.2 (1x) 2.2 (2x) 356
VXI C072-3 7190 4770 3150 3550 2245 3820 22.9 (1x) 18.5 19.2 (1x) 2.2 (2x) 442
VXI C072-4 8075 5315 3665 3550 2245 4055 22.2 (1x) 18.5 19.2 (1x) 2.2 (2x) 527
VXI C108-2 9695 6145 3885 5385 2245 3585 33.5 (1x) 22.0 29.0 (1x) 4.0 (2x) 532
VXI C108-3 10630 6945 4685 5385 2245 3820 32.2 (1x) 22.0 29.0 (1x) 4.0 (2x) 661
VXI C108-4 11760 7830 5485 5385 2245 4055 31.1 (1x) 22.0 29.0 (1x) 4.0 (2x) 790