Framed louvers are PP combined inlet shields in a light weight stainless steel frame.


  • Eliminate water splash-out
  • Protect the circulating water from exposure to sunlight, hence they reduce the growth of algae or harmful bacteria.
  • Act as a filter, preventing contamination of the basin water due to debris and reducing basin cleaning.
  • Reduce risk of ice formation at the air inlet during freezing conditions.
  • Corrosion and UV resistant PP honeycomb material.
  • Light weight, easy to handle and to remove without tools
  • Integrated water deflector to direct the water away from air inlet.

We use framed combined inlet shields on RCT open cooling towers.

Maintenance tip !

Air inlet louvers act as an air filter, preventing debris to enter the unit. Inspect and clean regularly the louvers to prevent pressure drops and reduced cooling performance.


Want to  benefit from framed combined inlet shields? Contact your local BAC representative.