NEXUS principle of operation

A NexusTM Modular Hybrid Cooler consists of one or more modules, each with their own individual hCoreTM Heat Exchanger (1), spray system (2) and EC Fan drive system (3).
When a module works evaporatively, the warm process fluid (4) circulates through the hCoreTM heat exchanger, which is wetted by the spray system. A the same time, the EC fan drive system(s) blows ambient air (5) upwards through the heat exchanger. A part of the spray water evaporates and cools the process fluid, which then exits the unit (6). The remaining spray water flows back into the sloping external sump (7), where it is collected. A spray water pump (8) recirculates the water up to the spray system. The warm saturated air (9) leaves the cooler through the drift eliminators (10), which remove water droplets from the air.

When a module works dry, the spray pump is turned off. Heat is now transferred from the process fluid to the ambient air using sensible heat transfer.

The modular construction and exclusive iPilotTM Control System of the NexusTM enable multiple modes of operation to tailor water and energy performance to your needs. The embedded intelligence gives you the ability to effectively balance water and energy savings and achieve the lowest possible operating costs.


Energy saver modeNEXUS energy saver mode

Energy savings are maximized by leveraging the full power of evaporative cooling. During periods when ambient temperatures or loads from the building or process are relatively high, the NexusTM Modular Hybrid Cooler operates with all spray systems active across all modules. During off-design conditions, the EC Fan System will automatically and intelligently reduce speed whenever possible. As the load is satisfied, the fans and spray pumps will cycle off.



Nexus mode

Nexus mode

In the revolutionary Nexus mode, you can prioritize water and energy savings to achieve the right balance of both. Your climate, cooling load profile and the rates you pay for water and energy will determine your specific settings, which can be easily adjusted as needed. You can specify the importance of water versus energy savings to automatically achieve the right balance for your specific situation.





Water saver modeNexus water saver mode

 In Water saver mode, water savings are maximized by applying spray water to the hCoreTM heat exhanger automatically, intelligently and only when absolutely necessary to meet cooling requirements. The iPilotTM Control System applies water separately to each module, to minimize water usage and maximize savings.





Want to use the NEXUSTM hybrid modular cooler to cool your process fluid? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.