Water treatment solutions

For the Nexus® modular hybrid cooler we offer various water treatment solutions that will 

  • Save money
  • Increase safety and hygiene
  • Simplify operation
  • Enhance sustainability


  • DiamondClear® design with built in iPilot® : Automatic bleed control system 


Traditional water treatment package

  • BCP NX 2: Automatic dosing and bleed control package


UV light system package

  • BCP NX 3 UV: Automatic dosing with UV-lamp providing a 60mJ/cm2 dosage and bleed control package


Pre-treatment option

  • ZeRO 4 Nexus®: Innovative reverse osmosis (RO) technology designed specifically for the NEXUS® modular hybrid cooler


You want to use one of these solutions? Download more information on the benefits of each option or contact your local BAC representative.