Water treatment solutions

For the Nexus Modular Hybrid Cooler we offer various water treatment solutions that will 

  • Save money
  • Increase safety and hygiene
  • Simplify operation
  • Enhance sustainability


  • DiamondClearTM design with built in iPilotTM : Automatic bleed control system 


Traditional water treatment package

  • BCP NX 2: Automatic dosing and bleed control package


UV light system package

  • BCP NX 3 UV: Automatic dosing with UV-lamp providing a 60mJ/cm2 dosage and bleed control package


Pre-treatment option

  • ZeRO 4 NEXUS: Innovative reverse osmosis (RO) technology designed specifically for the NEXUSTM Modular Hybrid Cooler


You want to use one of these solutions? Download more information on the benefits of each option or contact your local BAC representative.