BACross fill bundles

The patented BACross fill is designed and tested in the BAC laboratories.


  • guaranteed performance
  • easy to handle, lift, dismantle and rebundle
  • easy core inspection: by bundle and by sheet
  • easy to clean
  • reduced fouling
  • perfect fit: model specific size


  • BAC patented design with maximum air and water contact
  • bundled including hang-up handle
  • integrated eliminators (Eurovent certified)
  • self-extinguishing PVC material, impervious to rot and biological attack
  • for temperatures up to 50°C

We use BACross fill bundles for upgrade or replacement in:

  • TXV
  • S3000 (previous generation)
  • FXV cooler (previous generation)
  • CXV condenser (previous generation)

Want to know more about BACross fill? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.