Fill blocks

Fill block are typically used in non-BAC cooling towers


  • lower initial cost
  • high temperature application (up to 70°C)
  • easy handling

Attention: we don't recommended fill blocks for retrofitting BAC products because

  • up to 35% loss of performance
  • very sensitive for fouling and hence higher maintenance costs
  • difficult to clean


  • welded blocks, crossflow pattern
  • integrated louvers
  • extra layer of (integrated) eliminators included
  • bottom frame included for retrofit kits
  • polypropylene material, impervious to rot and biological attack
  • also available in flame retardant material
  • for temperatures up to 70°C

You can use fill blocks for retrofit or replacement in:

  • non BAC crossflow units

Want to know more about fill blocks? Contact your local BAC representative for more information.