Replacement kits typically include: float valve, float ball and the appropriate float arm to suit the specific unit type.

 Mechanical make up

Float valve


  • Unique and patented design allows for connection of the float arm in two locations and adjustment of the float arm angle without any tools. 
  • Corrosion resistant, heavy duty reinforced PVC body (on most units)
  • Performance tested in BAC's R&D lab
  • Ease of maintenance and adjustment
  • Available in size 1 ½”
  • Retro-fit replacement kits to replace old brass valve

Float ball

  • Engineered specifically for cooling tower duty.
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction resists cracking.
  • Foam filled for structural rigidity to resist hurricane conditions (high winds and extremely fluctuating temperatures inside the tower).
  • Available in many sizes and configurations.

Start-up tip !

Before starting the unit, fill the tower to +/- 15mm below the overflow level. This will provide enough water to fill the rest of the system without draining the tower on start-up. After the system is running, adjust the water level as shown in your operation and maintenance manual. Monitor the operating level for the first 24 hours of operation to make sure it is set properly.



Want to replace the make-up of your BAC equipment? Contact your local BAC representative.