Pump with volute

  • Industrial quality for long service life: cast iron, bronze-fitted construction with mechanical seal.
  • Equipped with heavy duty, high efficiency pump IE3 motors to withstand the grueling 24-hour outdoor operating conditions.
  • Impeller and trims for difficult high-flow, low-head requirements, assuring complete coil wetting to reduce scale and provide maximum thermal capacity.
  • Supplied with vented seal housing to prevent air binding and to provide a sump bleed connection.
  • Seal kits are readily available.
  • Assembled and tested in house to comply with high quality BAC standards and requirements.

Caution tip !

BAC pumps are manufactured to deliver the optimum water flow over the coil.
Why is this important?

  • Too little flow will allow dry areas to form, promoting scaling and loss of capacity. Likewise, too much flow will block airflow with a resulting loss of capacity.
  • The same problems will occur for a spray pressure that is too high or too low.

Be careful to never run the pump dry. This will cause the seal to overheat and the pump will start leaking as a consequence.


Maintenance tip !

Pump from volute

Moving parts are the first to break down. BAC therefore offers the possibility to replace the pump without the volute, reusing the volute of the original pump. This will save both in purchase costs as in installation labor time.


Want to replace the spray pump of your BAC equipment? Contact your local BAC representative.