• Prevent dirt and debris from circulating in the system.
  • Strainer perforations are spaced to provide maximum strainer free area for low pump suction losses.
  • Anti-vortex design prevents a vortex of air reaching the system pump which causes cavitation inside the pump.
  • Precisely designed to fit the strainer hood.


Strainer FXVE

BAC strainers

Strainer S3000D


Caution tip !

BAC strainers and pumps are designed to guarantee optimal performance.

Strainers that do not precisely fit the strainer hood can cause:

  • The pump sucking in air.
  • Debris to circulate the system clogging nozzles or fill or damaging the pump or disturbances in the flow pattern.
  • Too little flow will form dry areas and scale, hence results in a reduced performance.
  • Too much flow will block airflow with a resulting loss of capacity. 
  • The same problems will occur for a spray pressure that is too high or too low.

All BAC strainers are precisely designed to fit the strainer hood.


Maintenance tip !

Keep the strainer clean at all times ! A clogged strainer will cause low system flow and pump operation problems.
A low system flow causes insufficient spray distribution, promoting scale formation and debris and results in a reduced performance.


Want to replace the strainer of your BAC equipment? Contact your local BAC representative.