BenefitsDrive set

BAC belt drive systems are specifically selected and tested for each BAC unit type, ensuring optimal thermal performance and maximum service life. They guarantee a year-round reliable and vibration-free operation of your BAC cooling equipment.


  • A drive set includes both fan and motor sheaves, with suitable taper-lock bushings - for optimal power transmission - and belt set.
  • Sheave combinations are selected to not exceed the maximum bearing load for both fan motor and fan shaft bearings.
  • For induced draft units, we select high quality aluminium fan sheaves, corrosion resistant for use in the moist cooling tower environment.
  • Drive sets are provided in accordance with the specific unit serial number to guarantee perfect fit and operation, according to the latest engineering specifications.


BAC Maintenance tip!

When replacing any mechanical fan assembly component, such as a bearing or shaft, always consider to replace the complete drive set.

This will guarantee a perfect fit, prevent additional downtime and repeated intervention, and ensure your equipment is put back in optimum condition - all in one go!


Want to replace the drive set of your BAC cooling equipment? Contact your local BAC representative.