Each fan shaft has a specific design, in line with the drive specification. Fan shafts are tested in the BAC R&D laboratories.

Solid shaft

  • Ground and polished for easy bearing and drive component installation.
  • Available in multiple materials of construction.
  • Grooved flats for positive, secure set-screw installation.
  • Replacement kits with coupling available for installation when access limitations.

Hollow shaftHollow fan shaft

  • Specially selected tubing materials ensure strength and durability.
  • Precision manufactured for vibration-free operation.
  • Epoxy-coated for corrosion resistance.
  • Journals are ground and polished for an accurate fit and easy bearing installation.


Composite drive shaft

Composite drive shaft

  • Specially designed shafts including couplings.
  • Typically used in big gear-driven induced draft cooling towers.
  • Composite material makes it fully resistant against corrosion.
  • Low weight and high strength, reducing vibration and extending service life.

Maintenance tip !

BAC recommends when replacing the fan-shaft to also replace the bearings and appropriate bushings.

When installing fan wheels on hollow shafts, make sure to apply the adhesive under the fan tabs, to prevent the fan-wheel from slipping on the shaft.

When installing fan wheels on solid shafts, make sure the set-screw is properly aligned with the grooved flat when the set screw is tightened, to prevent the fan-wheel from slipping on the shaft.


Want to replace the fan shafts of your BAC cooling equipment? Contact your local BAC representative.