Make sure your replacement motor keeps going!

BAC uses top quality motors that reliably operate in the harsh cooling tower environment. This results in less motor failures, downtime, and replacements. All our motors have unique specifications thanks to joint development with our motor suppliers.

Your BAC Impervix cooling tower fan motor

  • prevents premature motor failure
  • decreases downtime
  • maximizes lifetime

Typical cumulative failure rate* vs years of operation

Cumulative failure rate vs years of operation

* based on BAC Service Statistics

The failure rate of third party motors during the first 3 years in operation
is 7 times higher than that of BAC motors.


Why do BAC cooling tower fan motors last longer?

Because they integrate a combination of standard and specific features.

Standard features:

  • Terminal box and cable gland position lay-out depends on the motor position of the unit, this ensures best access for wiring, sufficient travel for bel tension and protection against water ingress
  • TEFC Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
  • IE3 energy efficient
  • IP 55 rating / Insulation Class F
  • C3 tolerance bearing

Specific features Impervix - more than just a tropicalised motor!

Motor specific features

Attention :

AVAILABILITY - All common single speed motors are available from stock!


Want to replace the motor of your BAC cooling equipment? Contact your local BAC representative.